USPS submits calculations for density and retirement rate authorities to raise prices

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Today the Postal Service submitted its calculations to the Postal Regulatory Commission for its density rate authority and retirement rate authority to increase rates in the coming year. These are the amounts that the Postal Service is permitted to raise rates on Market Dominant products beyond the Consumer Price Index (which, until November 2020, had put a cap on increases). … Read More

On the border of the boundary wars: The PRC’s order on First Class Mail Parcels


Last month the Postal Regulatory Commission denied the Postal Service’s request to transfer retail, single-piece First-Class Mail Parcels from the market-dominant list to the competitive list, where it would have become a category of First-Class Package Services. FCM Parcels are lightweight packages weighing 13 ounces or less, and they’re typically used by individuals and small businesses to ship things like … Read More

Why I did it and what’s at stake: Shining the light on NSAs


BY MARK JAMISON A couple of weeks ago I filed a motion with the Postal Regulatory Commission requesting access to the documents related to the Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) on the program to deliver Amazon parcels on Sundays.  As I write this, the PRC has not yet ruled on my request, but regardless of what happens, I hope a useful … Read More

How to Privatize the Post Office: Piece by piece, step by step


Think it would take an act of Congress to privatize the postal system?  They’ve been privatizing the post office for four decades, piece by piece, step by step.  It’s called “piecemeal privatization,” and it works like this. Step One: Marketization Marketization is “the process that enables state-owned enterprises to act like market-oriented firms.”   It’s achieved by reducing government subsidies, deregulation, … Read More