Save the Post Office is edited and administered by Steve Hutkins, a retired English professor who taught place studies and travel literature at the Gallatin School of New York University. Steve lives in a small town in New York’s Hudson Valley. He has no affiliation with the U.S. Postal Service, doesn’t work for it, nor does anyone in his family. Like millions of Americans, he just likes his local post office and doesn’t want to see post offices closed.

This website provides information about post office closings, suspensions, and consolidations; the historic post office buildings that are being sold; and the fight to preserve the people’s post office. The website also examines topics like the Postal Service’s finances, court cases, and the efforts to privatize the postal system.

Steve was one of twenty people honored by as “Humans of the Year” for 2020. Writing for Vice, Aaron Gordon said the “save the post office” project “made Hutkins one of the most consistent independent USPS observers looking out for the best interests of ordinary U.S. residents…. In a way, Hutkins demonstrates the finest example of what a functioning civil society looks like in a year where we haven’t had an awful lot of those. The entire premise of a representative democracy is that most people can’t or don’t want to pay close attention to what the government is doing all the time. But a functioning democracy also requires people, like Hutkins, facilitating an informed citizenry that puts a transparent government to good use.”

Unless otherwise noted, all the articles on Save the Post Office are written by Steve. If you’d like to drop Steve a note, send a note to [email protected] or use the contact form.

Save the Post Office also has a regular contributor and adviser, Mark Jamison, who served for many years as a postmaster in a small town in North Carolina. His posts can be found here, and there’s more about Mark here. You can reach Mark at [email protected]


More about Save the Post Office

In 2011, during its first year online, Save the Post Office was named the “Most Valuable Website” by John Nichols in Nation Magazine’s annual Honor Roll. “Nowhere was the assault on public services more aggressive than in the push to downsize the Postal Service,” wrote Nichols. “And Steve Hutkins’s website, www.savethepostoffice
.com, became an essential resource for a network of grassroots groups in all fifty states defending local post offices—along with the idea that the founders were right when they argued that a strong postal service does not just deliver mail; it builds communities and links them as a nation. Best of all, Save the Post Office has made smart arguments for expanding the USPS by doing things like renewing the old postal banking system.”

One of Steve’s articles about post office closings is cited in United States Postal Service:A Sustainable Path Forward: Report from the Task Force on the United States Postal System.

Steve has written about historic post offices for the National Trust for Historic Preservation (Section 106, Protective Covenants, and Sale of Historic Post Offices), and he submitted testimony to Preserving Historic Post Offices: A Report to Congress, prepared by The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Steve’s posts have been cited in scholarly articles, including

Save the Post Office has appeared in numerous news articles, including:

In addition to editing Save the Post Office, Steve has filed several comments and briefs to the Postal Regulatory Commission concerning appeals on post office closures and suspensions.

Filing DateDocket No.Title
06/25/2021N2021-1Reply Brief
06/21/2021N2021-1Initial Brief
06/10/2021N2021-1 Rebuttal Testimony
01/19/2021ACR2020Motion for Information Request
08/21/2020ACR2019 Motion for Information Request regarding Service Performance Reports
02/07/2020ACR2019 Motion for Issuance of Information Request No. 2
01/15/2020ACR2019 Motion for Issuance of Information Request of Steve Hutkins
06/14/2016PI2016-3 Initial Comments by Steven Hutkins Regarding the Commission’s Section 701 Report
03/29/2016PI2016-2 Reply Comments of Steve Hutkins on the Commission’s Jurisdiction Over Post Office Closings
02/04/2016PI2016-2 Initial Comments of Steve Hutkins on the Commission’s Jurisdiction Over Post Office Closings
01/20/2016ACR2015 Steve Hutkins Motion for Issuance of Information Request
03/30/2015A2015-2 Letter Received from Steve Hutkins Regarding the Careywood, ID Post Office
11/12/2013A2013-5 Response to Postal Service Reply to the Petitioner’s Motion for Reconsideration
11/12/2013A2013-5 Motion for Leave to Submit Response to Postal Service Reply to Motion for Reconsideration
10/31/2013A2013-5 Motion for Leave to Submit Motion for Reconsideration
10/31/2013A2013-5 Motion for Reconsideration of Order Affirming Final Determination
07/03/2013A2013-6 Petition for Review Received from Steve Hutkins Regarding Bronx General Post Office, Bronx, NY 10451