USPS OIG finds problems in S&DC rollout

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The Postal Service has put a hold on consolidating processing facilities, but it has not paused the creation of Sorting & Delivery Centers and the relocation of letter carriers. A few days ago, the Postal Service held open houses for nine new S&DCs that will take 600 carrier routes from 26 “spoke” post offices. In September, 15 more S&DCs are … Read More

More Perfect Union: Where Is Your Mail?

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More Perfect Union: Postmaster DeJoy wants to make the USPS more efficient. So his solution is to take mail from this rural Wyoming town, send it to be sorted in Denver, and then ship it back to Wyoming again. It’s not just absurd. It’s also disastrous for postal workers and rural residents. It’s all part of DeJoy’s 10 year plan to … Read More

Postal regulator directs USPS to request an advisory opinion on DFA or to show cause why it won’t

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Tensions between the Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission are intensifying. On Friday, the Commission issued an order directing the Postal Service to file a request for an advisory opinion on Delivering for America or to show cause as to why an advisory opinion is not warranted. (The order can be found on the PRC website here.) It’s been … Read More

Atlanta RPDC crashes on launch

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The USPS said it would learn from its mistakes at the Richmond RPDC and the next rollouts would go more smoothly. The mail delays in Atlanta have been even worse.

The USPS Network Consolidation Plan: What’s at Stake for Southern Oregon

Steve HutkinsBlog, Featured, News, by Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger (Institute for Policy Studies): A core feature of U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-year plan, “Delivering for America,” is an initiative to restructure the nation’s postal network by consolidating processing and distribution operations in regional centers, mostly in urban areas. In 2023, two years into the 10-year plan, USPS reported that the agency had … Read More

The mail slows down, again

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As you have probably noticed from personal experience and reading the news, the Postal Service is having a difficult time delivering on time. Mail and packages are delayed for days, even weeks, sometimes never arriving at all. For its part, postal management often seems unresponsive to complaints, and they have even refused to participate in town meetings with elected officials … Read More