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Name of DocumentSourceNumberDateURL
21st Century Post Office: Aligning with the National Broadband Infrastructure InitiativeUSPS OIGDA-MA-12-0021/23/2012Link
21st Century Post Office: Non-Postal Products and ServicesUSPS OIGDA-MA-12-0057/16/2012Link
21st Century Post Office: Opportunities to Share Excess ResourcesUSPS OIGDA-MA-12-0032/9/2012Link
100 Years of Parcel PostUSPS OIGRARC-WP-14-00412/20/2013Link
Adapting Postal Facilities to Support Community ResilienceCarnegie Mellon UniversityLink
Advertising Mail: Past and PresentUSPS OIGRARC-WP-16-0063/28/2016Link
A Framework for Considering the Social Value of Postal ServicesThe Urban Institute/PRC2/2/2010Link
Analysis of the Postal Service̍s FY 2014 Program Performance Report and FY 2015 Performance PlanPRC7/7/2015Link
Analysis of the Postal Service’s FY 2015 Annual Performance Report and FY 2016 Performance PlanPRC5/4/2016Link
Analysis of the Postal Service’s FY 2019 Annual Performance Report and FY 2020 Performance PlanPRC6/1/2020Link
Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement for Fiscal Year 2013 (Revised April 10, 2014)PRC4/10/2014Link
Annual Compliance Determination Report Fiscal Year 2014PRC3/27/2015Link
Annual Compliance Determination Report Fiscal Year 2018PRC4/12/2019Link
Annual Compliance Determination Report for 2015PRCACR 20153/28/2016Link
Annual Compliance Report FY 2019PRCACR20193/25/2020Link
Annual Report to Congress for 2016USPS12/29/2016Link
Annual Report to Congress for 2018PRC1080251/10/2019Link
Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2014PRC1/5/2015Link
Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2015PRC1/6/2016Link
Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2019PRC1/21/2020Link
Annual Report to the President and Congress Fiscal Year 2020PRC1/26/2021Link
Approved Shippers Pricing and Customer ServiceUSPS OIGSM-AR-16-0085/21/2016Link
Assessment of Overtime ActivityUSPS OIG20-209-R208/25/2020Link
Assessment of the U.S. Postal Service’s Service Performance and CostsUSPS OIGNO-AR-19-0089/17/2019Link
Assessment of WorksharingUSPS OIGRARC-WP-10-0057/12/2010Link
Barriers to Retail Network OptimizationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-11-0056/9/2011Link
Billions Served: Foot Traffic at the Post OfficeUSPS OIGRARC-WP-17-0129/11/2017Link
Competitive Products Pricing Best PracticesUSPS OIGCP-AR-19-0039/11/2019Link
Congressional Mandate on Excess SpaceUSPS OIGSM-AR-19-001 12/14/2018Link
Congressional Mandate on Excess SpaceUSPS OIGSM-AR-19-00112/14/2018Link
Contracting of Real Estate Management ServicesUSPS OIGSM-AR-13-0016/12/2013Link
Contract Postal Unit Operations OversightUSPS OIGFT-AR-17-00211/3/2016Link
Contract Postal Units: Analysis of Location, Service, and Financial CharacteristicsGAOGAO-13-4111/1/2012Link
Cost of Appeals for Closing Retail FacilitiesUSPS OIGCI-AR-12-0057/12/2012Link
Customer RetentionUSPS OIGMS-AR-14-0089/25/2014Link
Deployment of Operational ChangesUSPS OIG21-014-R2111/06/2020Link
DOD Needs More Comprehensive Planning to Address Military and Overseas Absentee Voting ChallengesGAOGAO-16-378
DSCF Standard Mail Load LevelingPRCN2014-112/27/2013Link
e-Government and the Postal Service — A Conduit to Help Government Meet Citizens’ NeedsUSPS OIGRARC-WP-13-0031/7/2013Link
Effectiveness of the Postal Service’s Efforts to Reduce Non-Career Employee TurnoverUSPS OIG 19POG001SAT000-R20 2/12/2020Link
Embracing the Future: Making the Tough Choices to Preserve Universal Mail ServicePresident's Commission7/31/2003Link
Estimated Costs of the Amendment to the FY 2016 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations BillCBO7/13/2015Link
Evolutionary Network Development Service Changes, 2006PRCN2006-112/19/2006Link
Expanding Nonpostal Products and Services at Retail Facilities Could Result in Benefits but May Have Limited ViabilityGAOGAO-20-3543/1/2020Link
Facility Conditions Review - Eastern DistrictUSPS OIGSM-AR-17-0045/10/2017Link
Failure to Deliver: Harm Caused by U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's Changes to Postal Service Mail DeliveryUS Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs9/16/2020Link
Federal Real Property: Strategic Partnerships and Local Coordination Could Help Agencies Better Utilize SpaceGAOGAO-12-7797/1/2011Link
Federal Vehicles: Composition and Management of Agency FleetsGAOGAO-16-455T2/26/2016Link
Financial Analysis of Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K StatementPRC3/29/2016Link
Financial Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement 2014PRC4/1/2015Link
Financial Analysis of United States Postal Service Financial Results and 10-K Statement FY 2019PRC5/7/2020Link
Funding the Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-16-0053/21/2016Link
FY 2020 Annual Compliance Report USPSACR202012/29/2020Link
Generation Z and the MailUSPS OIGRISC-WP-20-00909/21/2020Link
Governance of the U.S. Postal ServiceUSPS OIGRARC-WP-17-00211/10/2016Link
Guiding Principles for a New Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-15-00111/17/2014Link
History of Post Office Construction 1900-1940USPS7/1/1982Link
Impact of Post Office Closures on Local CommunitiesNational Audit Office (UK)11/7/2008Link
Impact of the Closure of Post Offices 
in Northwest IowaNorthwest Iowa Development2/1/2012Link
Is Diversification the Answer to Mail Woes? The Experience of International PostsUSPS/Accenture2/1/2010Link
Leading Practices for Managing Fleet OperationsGAOGAO-15-644T5/21/2015Link
Mail Processing and Transportation Operational ChangesUSPS OIGNO-AR-16-0099/2/2016Link
Mail Processing Network Rationalization Service Changes, 2012PRCN2012-19/28/2012Link
Mail Service During the Early Stages of the COVID-19 PandemicUSPS OIG20-275-R2101/04/2021Link
Making the Connection: Local Post Offices as Community Enterprise HubsRSA2/1/2014Link
Management Alert ̐ Retail Customer Service Management AlertUSPS OIGMS-MA-15-00210/17/2014Link
Operational Changes to Mail DeliveryUSPS OIG20-292-R2110/19/2020Link
Operational Window Change SavingsUSPS OIGNO-AR-19-00110/15/2018Link
Package Delivery in Rural and Dense Urban AreasUSPS OIGRISC-WP-20-00809/16/2020Link
Peeling the Onion: The Real Cost of MailUSPS OIGRARC-WP-16-0094/18/2016Link
Postal Facilities - Platforms for Community ResilienceCarnegie Mellon Univ12/15/2018Link
Postal Retiree Health Benefits: Unsustainable Finances Need to Be AddressedGAOGAO-18-602
Postal Service Management of CBRE
Real Estate Transactions
USPS OIGSM-AR-15-0034/22/2015Link
Post Office Relocation ProcessUSPS OIGDR-AR-14-0089/2/2014Link
Post Office Structure PlanPRCN2012-28/23/2012Link
Potential Financial Effect on the U.S. Postal Service of Increased Voting by MailGAOGAO-12-72R10/20/2011Link
PRC Summary and Expanded Response to GAO Report GAO-15-756:U.S. Postal Service Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance Information More Complete, Useful, and TransparentPRC10/5/2015Link
Preservation and Disposal of Historic PropertiesUSPS OIGSM-AR-14-0044/16/2014Link
Preserve America 2011 USPS report to ACHP, part 1USPS12/1/2011Link 1
Preserve America 2011 USPS report to ACHP, part 2USPS12/1/2011Link
Preserving Historic Post Offices: A Report to CongressACHP3/20/2014Link
Processing Readiness of Election and Political Mail During the 2020 General ElectionsUSPS OIG20-225-R2008/31/2020Link
Reevaluating the Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRISC-WP-20-0045/6/2020Link
Retail Access Optimization Initiative, 2011PRCN2011-112/23/2011Link
Retail Customer Experience ProgramUSPS OIGMS-AR-13-0107/9/2013Link
Review of Postal Service FY 2013 Performance Report and FY 2014 Performance PlanPRC7/7/2014Link
Risks Associated with CB Richard Ellis, Inc. ContractUSPS OIGSM-MA-14-0032/12/2014Link
Section 701 Report: Analysis of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006PRC11/14/2016
Service Performance of Election and Political Mail During the 2018 Midterm and Special ElectionsUSPS OIG19XG010NO000-R2011/4/2019Link
Service Performance of Election and Political Mail
During the November 2020 General Election
USPS OIG20-318-R21 |3/5/2021Link
Six-Day to Five-Day Street Delivery and Related Service Changes, 2010PRCN2010-13/24/2011Link
Station and Branch Optimization and Consolidation Initiative, 2009PRCN2009-13/10/2010Link
The Household Diary Study Diary Study: Mail Use & Attitudes in FY 2015USPS8/1/2016Link
The Last Post: The social and economic impact of changes to postal services in ManchesterNEFLink
The Postal Service's Use of Social MediaUSPS OIGMS-MA-13-0038/1/2013Link
The Postal Service and Its User BaseUSPS OIGRARC-WP-16-0137/18/2016Link
The Postal Service Customers of the FutureUSPS OIGRARC-WP-14-0149/29/2014Link
The Postal Service’s Role In Delivering Wellness Services And SuppliesUSPS OIGRARC-IB-15-0047/22/2015Link
The Road Ahead for Postal Financial ServicesUSPS OIGRARC-WP-15-0115/21/2015Link
The U.S. Postal Service and Emergency Response: A History of Delivering for the American PublicUSPS OIGRISC-WP-20-00609/10/2020Link
The U.S. Postal Service̥s Financial Condition: A PrimerCRSR431629/22/2014Link
The U.S. Postal Service̥s Financial Condition: Overview and Issues for CongressCRSR410241/27/2012Link
Timeliness of Ballot Mail in the Milwaukee Processing & Distribution Center Service AreaUSPS OIG20-235-R207/7/2020Link
Toward Postal Excellence: The Report of the President's Commission on Postal OrganizationPresidential Commission11/24/1967Link
U.S. Postal Service's Financial ViabilityGAOVariousLink
U.S. Postal Service: Action Needed to Address Unfunded Benefit LiabilitiesGAOGAO-14-398T3/3/2014Link
U.S. Postal Service: Action Needed to Maximize Cost-Saving Potential of Alternatives to Post OfficesGAOGAO-12-10011/1/2011Link
U.S. Postal Service: Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance. Information More Complete, Useful, and Transparent. Why GAO Did This Study.GAOGAO-15-4089/30/2015Link
Congressional Action Is Essential to Enable a Sustainable Business Model
U.S. Postal Service: Continuing Financial Challenges and the Need for Postal ReformGAOGAO-16-651T5/11/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service: Financial Challenges ContinueGAOGAO-16-268T1/21/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service: Foreign Posts' Strategies Could Inform U.S. Postal Service's Efforts to ModernizeGAOGAO-11-2822/16/2011Link
U.S. Postal Service: Information on How Broadband Affects Postal Use and the Communications Options for Rural ResidentsGAOGAO-16-811
U.S. Postal Service: Post Office Changes Suggest Cost Savings, but Improved Guidance, Data, and Analysis Can Inform Future Savings EffortsGAOGAO-16-3854/29/2016Link
U.S. Postal Service Processing Network OptimizationUSPS OIGNO-AR-19-0069/9/2019Link
U.S. Postal Service Workforce Size and Employment Categories, FY1995-FY2014 CRSRS22864Link
U.S. Postal Service’s Processing Network Optimization and Service ImpactsUSPS OIG19XG013NO000-R206/16/2020Link
U.S Postal Service FY 2016 Annual Compliance ReportUSPSNo. ACR201612/29/2016Link
United States Postal Service: A Sustainable Path ForwardTask Force12/4/2018Link
Use of Independent Contractor StudiesUSPS OIGCP-AR-17-00210/14/2016Link
Using Mail to Build BrandsUSPS OIGRARC-WP-18-0139/5/2018Link
USPS Financial ReportsUSPSVariousLink
USPS Leased Facilities ReportUSPSLink
USPS Nationwide Historic Context Study: Postal Facilities Constructed or Occupied Between 1940 and 1971 USPS/URS9/1/2012Link
USPS Owned Facilities ReportUSPSLink
USPS Service Performance ReportsUSPSLink
Vote by Mail and the Postal Service: A PrimerUSPS OIGRISC-WP-21-0046/1/2021Link
What America Wants and Needs from the Postal ServiceUSPS OIGRARC-WP-14-0092/18/2014Link
What America Wants from the Postal ServiceUSPS OIGRARC-WP-13-0095/21/2013Link
What Postal Services Do People Value the Most? A Quantitative Survey of the Postal Universal Service ObligationUSPS OIGRARC-WP-15-0072/23/2015Link
Workshare Discounts for Automated Mail ProcessingUSPS OIGCP-AR-15-0026/8/2015Link