Postal Service provides an implementation update on the S&DC plan

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A couple of weeks ago, the Postal Service shared a presentation with the management associations and unions showing the implementation status of the Sorting & Delivery Center plan as of May 4, 2023. According to the presentation, 18 S&DCs will be launched in June and September of this year. With the half dozen S&DCs that have already been established, there … Read More

The Post Office Can Bring People-Centered Public Banking to Every ZIP Code

Steve HutkinsBlog, News The need for a public banking option is urgent. Nearly 10 million households, a disproportionate number of whom are people of color, are unbanked or underbanked in the United States. Unbanked or underbanked households must pay expensive fees for non-bank financial services to access their own money for paying bills, cashing checks, remittances, rent, and ATM withdrawals — costing upwards of … Read More

Top Postal Regulator Calls for Expanded Reach Amid Feud With DeJoy

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Government Executive: The U.S. Postal Service’s regulator requires more staff and resources to keep pace with the changes underway at the agency, the head of the oversight agency said on Monday, sharply contrasting his vision with that of the postmaster general. Louis DeJoy, the USPS CEO, has derided the Postal Regulatory Commission as standing in his way as he looks … Read More

Postal Service announces plans to remove & relocate processing equipment

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The Postal Service has informed the unions that it’s implementing a plan “to remove and/or relocate an undefined number” of sorting machines and other types of mail process equipment, starting in August 2023 and continuing into fiscal year 2024. The Postal Service is asking for volunteer maintenance personnel to perform the equipment removals and relocations. Preference will be given to … Read More

The Postal Service launches new service performance dashboard

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The Postal Service just launched its new service performance dashboard, a requirement of the Postal Reform Act. You can find it here. As specified by the Act, the dashboard contains weekly, monthly, and quarterly data, which can be disaggregated by type (First Class, Marketing, Single-piece, Pre-sort, etc.). One can search for incoming and outgoing mail from any ZIP code, or … Read More

DeJoy says USPS regulator’s network consolidation probe puts financial targets in ‘jeopardy’

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Federal News Network: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is telling lawmakers that the Postal Service, facing larger financial losses than expected this year, can still achieve its long-term financial goals — if its regulator and Congress don’t interfere with plans to overhaul its delivery network. “We need to move, and we can get back on track with this. I see where … Read More

Morrison, Tenn., post office suspended over lease issue

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Southern Standard: On Tuesday, the United States Postal Service announced the suspension of the Morrison Post Office as of May 20. Beginning May 22,  Morrison postal consumers are encouraged to use the Manchester Post Office at 1601 Hillsboro Blvd. or Smartt Post Office at 5174 Manchester Hwy. in Smartt. Morrison P.O. Box customers will keep their existing P.O. Box number … Read More

Pay Cuts Have Rural Letter Carriers ‘Scared’ and ‘Outraged’

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Government Executive: Thousands of letter carriers at the U.S. Postal Service are starting to see new schedules that have reduced their hours and cut their pay, causing significant anxiety within the workforce. The changes are part of a revamping of the pay structure for rural employees, a process that has been years in the making and subject to a series of … Read More