The Postal Service submits a Request for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan: How changing the rules changed everything


Today the Postal Service asked the Postal Regulatory Commission for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan, the initiative to review about 13,000 post offices for discontinuance or reduced hours.  The Request is here.  Along with the Request is testimony from Jeffrey C. Day, Manager, Retail Operations, in the Office of Delivery and Post Office Operations at the Postal Service.   Day’s testimony … Read More

Occupy the Post Office: Ten arrested in Oregon


Ten arrested in Occupy action at University Station post office Portland, OR –  Police arrested ten members of labor unions, faith groups, neighborhood organizations, and Occupy Portland who refused to leave the University Station post office at closing time this evening.  Unfurling two ten foot banners, reading “Occupy the Post Office” and “No Closures! No Cuts!” the protesters blocked the closure of … Read More

Final Rule on Changes in Service Standards


An Advance Copy of the Final Rule on the "Revised Service Standards for Market-Dominant Mail Products" has been posted on the Federal Register.  You can see the Final Rule here. There's  a discussion of the Final Rule, written in advance of its publication, here.

How the West was won: The PMG’s trip to Montana


In April of this year, as the moratorium on post office closings was coming to an end and thousands of communities were anxiously awaiting the verdict on their post office, the Postmaster General took some time out of his busy schedule to fly to Montana, just to talk with a few regular folks about the closings.  The motive for the … Read More

Network Consolidation: New plan, same old story


On Monday the Postal Service will make the changes in service standards official by publishing the Final Rule in the Federal Register.  As we’ve been told since September, delivery of First-Class mail and periodicals will be slowing down — but not as soon as initially planned.  [UPDATE: The Final Rule was not published until later in the week.  An Advance … Read More

Final Rule to Revise USPS Service Standards


[from a USPS Industry Alert] Today the Postal Service sent the final rule to revise service standards for market-dominant mail products to the Federal Register.  The final rule will be posted on our “Information for Mailers” webpage at by COB Monday, May 21. Highlights excerpted from the final rule are provided below. Highlights The Postal Service is adopting new rules for market-dominant … Read More

Revised Network Rationalization: Map & user-friendly list


Yesterday the Postal Service released a revision of its Network Rationalization plan to consolidate over two hundred mail processing facilities.  When the plan was originally announced on December 5, there were 252 facilities on the list.   After the AMP (Area Mail Processing) studies were completed, a new list was released on Feb. 27, with 223 facilities approved for consolidation. The … Read More

What are people — and the Post Office — for?


BY MARK JAMISON It’s likely that I will be the last postmaster to serve the town of Webster, North Carolina.  The first postmaster, Allen Fisher, began his term in 1857, shortly after Jackson County was founded and Webster became the county seat.  The names of the postmasters that follow read like a county census.  In a rural mountain county that … Read More