Satisfaction Guaranteed (not!): Redefining “service” — the Postal Way


A POSTMASTER'S STORY by Mark Jamison I want to tell you a story about the state of customer service in today’s Postal Service.  It’s about a solitary incident, a small incident really, but it holds a larger truth. PS Form 1509, “Recall of Mail,” has been around for years.  It’s a form a customer can fill out to try and retrieve … Read More

Modern Times at the Postal Service: Network Rationalization gives more work to idle machines


Last Tuesday, David Williams, USPS VP of Network Operations and the man running the Network Rationalization plan, was cross-examined before the Postal Regulatory Commission, which is working on its Advisory Opinion about the mail-processing consolidations and the change in service standards they depend on.  Williams explained “the whole concept” behind the plan like this: “If you go into anyone of our … Read More

The USPS press release on the secret survey: They still can’t get their story straight


Yesterday, the Postal Service issued a press release responding to revelations about a market research survey it commissioned last summer but chose not to tell anyone about.  The press release contains several misleading statements that only serve to compound the Postal Service’s bad faith in keeping the survey secret. One wonders why they even bothered issuing a press release, rather … Read More

Secret market survey reveals USPS plans would cost over $5 billion in lost revenue


While hearings before the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) are usually pretty mundane events, something totally unexpected happened today.  The Postal Service revealed something it’s been hiding for months — the projected revenue losses its consolidation plan could cause. The numbers are something to behold. The PRC was holding hearings for its Advisory Opinion about the Network Rationalization plan to consolidate … Read More

“Because we said so”: The unassailable logic of postal managers and their salaries


BY MARK JAMISON Last week Kathy Hochul, Representative of New York’s 24th district, where Buffalo stands to lose a mail processing plant employing 700 workers, made a modest proposal — legislation to limit the salaries of the Postmaster General and his executive officers to the level of Cabinet Secretaries.  Her goal was to make a statement: “The Postal Service cannot … Read More

It was a very good year: The salaries of USPS executives


The Gannett 2012 salary finder for USPS employees came out this week, and it contains a wealth of information.  You can find the salary, job title, workplace, and year of hire for any postal employee.   That includes all the executives in L’Enfant Plaza. Unfortunately, the salary finder doesn’t contain information about bonuses and compensation packages, which for upper echelon executives … Read More

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman, please save our Post Office


The Post Office in Ramsay, Michigan, is on the closing list, and some local musicians are singing to save the post office.  Their Youtube posting adds a few details: "What makes us different is that we DO NOT HAVE HOME DELIVERY!  That's right, our Post Office is not a luxury, but a necessity!  The talk is if they close us, … Read More

If at first you don’t succeed, try revising the survey


Last summer the Postal Service hired Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) to do market research on how customers might respond to changes in service standards (slowing down the mail), as well as plans to close thousands of post offices, eliminate Saturday delivery, and seek legislative reforms on pensions and the retiree health care fund.  The purpose of the research was to provide data on … Read More

The Case of the Missing Market Research Study


The Postal Service’s Big Hurry to consolidate 223 mail processing plants may be running into serious speed bumps.  The AMP studies don’t add up to anything like what the Postal Service says it will save nor do they reveal where most of the 35,000 eliminated positions will come from.  Now there’s news of a market research study on potential revenue … Read More

Great minds think alike, and so do USPS District Managers


Over the past few days, Postal Service District Managers across the country have submitted “opinion” pieces to their local news media, and somehow they all stumbled upon the same words.  At least thirteen DMs have written one of these “opinions,” and they’re all the same, almost word for word. The Postal Service pulled the same PR stunt a few months … Read More