Stop girdling the Post Office


Retired postmaster Mark Jamison examines how the right wing has been girdling the the postal network in the hope of undermining its health and thereby reaping a financial harvest.

A New Agenda for Postal Reform

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The Postal Service is not just a business. Its purpose is to provide a service to the nation. It is “the people’s post office” — we own it, and it works for us. What could the post office do to better serve the country? Here’s an agenda.

Mankato, MN post office makes long-delayed move from historic home

SteveBlog It was May of 2014 when the U.S. Postal Service announced it would sell its historic downtown Mankato home and move postal boxes and retail services to a smaller leased space. Nearly 6½ years later, the relocation happened. “It’s a shame they moved,” an elderly woman said Tuesday as she prepared to walk into the new “Main Post Office” … Read More

Fall 2020 Newsletter from Community & Postal Workers United


The Fall 2020 newsletter from Community & Postal Workers United contains articles on “Outcry Halts New Postmaster General’s Attacks on Service…for Now,” “Target the Postal Board of Governors ! Dump PMG DeJoy!,” “Postal Service workers quietly resist DeJoy’s changes,” and “Postmaster General eyes aggressive changes at Postal Service after election.” Read the newsletter here.