Postal Service releases 2015 Household Diary Study

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The Postal Service has released the Household Diary Study (HDS) Report for Fiscal Year 2015. The HDS measures the mail sent and received by U.S. households, tracks household mail trends, and compares mail use between different types of households. Among the Study’s findings: In 2015, U.S. households received 119.9 billion pieces of mail, and sent 10.5 billion. Mail sent or … Read More

USPS releases 2012 Household Diary Study


The Postal Service has released its annual Household Diary Study.  As the Executive Summary explains, " The Household Diary Study survey, fielded continuously since 1987, aims to collect information on household use of the mail and how that use changes over time. The survey collects household information on demographics, lifestyle, attitudes toward mail and advertising, bill payment behavior, and use of … Read More

How Many People Use the Post Office? Does the Postal Service Even Know?


There’s a new GAO report out this week by the indefatigable Phillip Herr.  It’s called “Action Needed to Maximize Cost-Saving Potential of Alternatives to Post Offices.”  In this week’s Federal Eye column for the Washington Post, Ed O’Keefe writes about the report and poses the question, “How bad is it at the post office? Here are the numbers.” Citing Herr’s … Read More