Postal Service announces five more P&DCs to be consolidated

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The Postal Service has informed the unions and management associations of its intent to conduct Mail Processing Facility Reviews (MPFR) at five more locations. Buffalo, NY P&DC into Rochester, NY P&DC (Survey) South Charleston, WV P&DC into Pittsburgh, PA P&DC and Warrendale, PA P&DC (Survey) Eastern Maine (Hampden) ME P&DC into Scarborough, ME P&DC (Survey) Fort Myers, FL P&DC into … Read More

Postal Service goes on a milk run, delays more mail

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Under the Optimized Collections initiative, the trucks that drop off the morning mail at post offices will also pick up the mail — yesterday’s mail — all in one stop. There will be no evening pickup to collect the mail sent during the day.

OIG reports on Sorting & Delivery Centers

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The OIG’s long-awaited report on Sorting & Delivery Centers was published earlier this week. Unfortunately, it was hardly worth the wait. The report limits itself to comments about how good — or bad — a job the Postal Service has done communicating elements of the plan to stakeholders, how S&DC facilities have often been under construction when they opened (leading … Read More