OIG reports on Sorting & Delivery Centers

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The OIG’s long-awaited report on Sorting & Delivery Centers was published earlier this week. Unfortunately, it was hardly worth the wait. The report limits itself to comments about how good — or bad — a job the Postal Service has done communicating elements of the plan to stakeholders, how S&DC facilities have often been under construction when they opened (leading … Read More

Mapping RPDC Regions

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The new geography of RPDC regions will have significant implications for transportation routes, cost allocation, service standards, product offerings, and more.

USPS begins second wave of new RPDCs

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The Postal Service has notified stakeholders about the locations of seven Regional Processing and Distribution Centers (RPDCs). That’s in addition to the 12 locations previously identified.

Previewing the first information request in the PRC Inquiry on DFA

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The Postal Regulatory Commission is currently conducting a Public Inquiry into the Delivering for America plan, and the Postal Service is preparing its response to the Commission’s first information request. The response was due June 28th, but the Postal Service asked for, and was granted, a three-week extension, so we’ll have to wait until July 19th to see what the … Read More

Postal Service introduces RPDC Regions

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The 60 Regional Process & Distribution Centers will be the main nodes of the new network. The regions surrounding them could be a significant component of the DFA plan.

Postal Service provides an implementation update on the S&DC plan

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A couple of weeks ago, the Postal Service shared a presentation with the management associations and unions showing the implementation status of the Sorting & Delivery Center plan as of May 4, 2023. According to the presentation, 18 S&DCs will be launched in June and September of this year. With the half dozen S&DCs that have already been established, there … Read More