Congresswoman Barbara Lee proposes moratorium on sale of historic post offices


Congresswoman Barbara Lee 
of California (13th District) has introduced legislation to halt the sale and consolidation of historic Postal Service facilities. The Moratorium on US Historic Postal Buildings Act would prevent the Postal Service from selling any facility until all buildings listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places are removed from the auction block.  The text of … Read More

National Trust joins Berkeley in suit against Postal Service


The National Trust for Historic Preservation has joined the City of Berkeley in a lawsuit against the Postal Service over the sale of the Berkeley Main Post Office.  The suit complains that the Postal Service has failed to comply with federal historic preservation laws prior to entering into a contract for sale of the building.  The National Trust’s complaint is … Read More

Sold American: An inventory of USPS disposed properties, 2009-2014


The Postal Service has sold over 500 properties over the past five years, but it hasn’t released much information about the disposals.  A few weeks ago, however, the Postal Service finally updated its Owned Facilities report, so it’s now possible to learn more about which properties have been sold off. The overall scope of the disposal program has not been … Read More

Historic post office in Richmond VA for sale


The 1937 post office at 1625-1635 Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia, is listed on the USPS-CBRE Properties for Sale website.  The listing says the Postal Service wants to have the property under contract this month, with a closing in February of 2015, at which time the Postal Service will relocate to a new facility.  According to the USPS Leased Properties list, … Read More

Trouble in the air: USPS may sell rights over Old Chelsea post office


Late last year, the Postal Service announced that it would not proceed with its controversial plan to sell the Old Chelsea post office at 217 West 18th Street in Manhattan.  Now the Postal Service has decided it wants to sell the air rights above the historic building. According to a letter to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreations … Read More

CBRE arranges sale of Bronx GPO to one of its clients


The New York Daily News is reporting that the Postal Service has sold the Bronx General Post Office to Youngwoo & Associates.  Back in February, The Real Deal had reported that Youngwoo was proposing to use the site to build a marketplace in the vein of the company’s unsuccessful plan for the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx. The founder and … Read More

Bronx GPO sold, no details yet


The Bronx General Post Office has been sold.  There’s no word yet on who the buyer is or what the plans for the building are, but the post office was definitely sold two weeks ago.  On the USPS-CBRE website, the listing says simply, "Sold." The Postal Service has not made an official announcement about the sale, and it is apparently … Read More

Union, Activists and Officials Fight Sale of Landmark Bronx Post Office


DNAInfo: "Bronx officials, activists and union representatives are calling on the United States Postal Service to immediately halt its sale of the Bronx General Post Office – a plan they have contested in the past. "The 170,000-square-foot building on East 149th Street and the Grand Concourse, filled with murals from the 1930s, was listed on the “USPS Properties for Sales” website, run … Read More

Sale of historic Bronx Post Office moves forward; bids due Jan. 15


The Postal Service is moving forward on the sale of the historic Bronx General Post Office at 558 Grand Concourse in New York City.  The property is listed on the USPS-CBRE Properties for Sale website, where a new Call-for-Offers announcement says interested parties should submit their bids by 5:00 p.m. on January 15.  (The listing is here.) The announcement doesn’t … Read More

Staplizing the Post Office: A dozen reasons to just say no


Back in November, the Postal Service quietly announced that it was setting up postal counters in a couple of Staples stores in San Jose and South San Francisco.  The website Going Postal broke the Staples story a few days later with its report about a pilot program that included 82 Staples stores in areas around San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and west of Boston. … Read More