Virginia has the worst mail service in the country, by far. We figured out why.

Steve HutkinsNews

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Last summer, United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy laid out what he called a “splendid vision” for the future of the Postal Service.

In his vision, one of America’s oldest agencies would shed the shackles of inefficiency and become greener, leaner, and finally competitive with logistics titans like Amazon.

DeJoy said his plan — Delivering for America — would save his agency from dire financial straits and give America “the best national delivery system in the world.”

But in Virginia, the opposite happened.

The Commonwealth became the worst state in the country for on-time delivery of first-class mail, according to the main watchdog agency that oversees the post office. Since October of last year, Virginia was last place for on-time mail delivery, with its “D” score a full 13 points below its nearest competitor. Virginia’s mail delivery rate dropped from 89% in 2020 to 66%, where it sits now.

Records reviewed by the Times-Dispatch and Lee Enterprises’ Public Service Journalism Team suggest that Richmond’s mail problem is directly linked to the rollout of Delivering for America, a key leg of which involves consolidating mail sorting into larger, centralized sorting centers.

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