USPS Tells TV Viewers It Is Reinventing Its Network

Steve HutkinsNews The USPS turned to television to tell customers it is making changes to how it moves packages. In a new ad, a narrator says, “We’re reinventing our network. Fast. Reliable. Perfectly orchestrated,” while the 1990s dance song “I Like to Move It” plays throughout the 30-second commercial.

The USPS has been hammering home Postmaster DeJoy’s 10-year plan, though the ad doesn’t actually mention the name of the plan “Delivering for America” in the commercial, which it had been doing up to this point.

The commercial doesn’t get into any details, but Save the Post Office’s Steve Hutkins has been writing about the 10-year plan in depth. Last month, he explained the changes the USPS was making to its network, writing in part, “The Postal Service is in the process of implementing a large-scale initiative to transform its delivery network by relocating letter carriers from post offices to Sorting & Delivery Centers.”

Hutkins pointed out that the USPS has not requested an advisory opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), “which would subject the plan to thorough public scrutiny.”

He also said it appeared the USPS network transformation would result in longer commutes for many postal employees that would add to their personal transportation costs and unpaid commuting time.

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