USPS OIG launches audit of plan to centralize carrier operations

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The USPS Office of Inspector General is doing an audit of the Postal Service’s plan to relocate letter carriers from post offices to centralized Sort & Delivery Centers. Here’s the OIG’s announcement:

Postal Service’s Development and Communication of Sorting and Delivery Centers

Recently, the Postal Service announced their intention to consolidate delivery operations at more than 200 post offices and other facilities into larger, regional hubs known as Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DC). The purpose of S&DCs is to reduce transportation and mail handling costs, as well as provide customers with additional services. Our objective is to evaluate Postal Service’s data models used to determine sites for conversion into S&DCs, cost and savings impacts associated with the conversions, as well as how those plans were communicated to external stakeholders and internally.

If you have any information or input that might be beneficial to the auditors on this topic, click here.

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