APWU takes PRC to court over service standards


The American Postal Workers Union has taken the Postal Regulatory Commission to court over its decision to dismiss the union’s complaint that the Postal Service is failing to meet its service standards. As explained on the USPS website, these service standards, as set forth under 39 C.F.R. § 121.1, state how long it will take the mail to be delivered, … Read More

How long does the mail take? Let the Postal Service count the days


[Note: If you have come to this site to learn how long it will take for a mail ballot to be delivered, it’s about a week, so if you haven’t mailed your ballot yet, don’t. Take it to an official drop-off location or vote in person. If you’ve come to this article to learn how long it normally may take … Read More

How the new service standards may slow down much more mail than the Postal Service is saying


The mail is slowing down again, but it’s not clear how much.  There’s good reason to be believe, though, that it will more than the Postal Service is saying. The first slowdown took place in July 2012, when the Postal Service implemented phase one of the Network Rationalization plan, which closed about 150 mail processing plants and established interim service standards that … Read More

The Hail Mary is an incomplete: The PRC denies the APWU motion to stop the change in service standards


The Postal Regulatory Commission has denied the APWU’s motion for an emergency order directing the Postal Service not to implement its proposed changes in service standards on July 2.  Next week, then, overnight delivery will end for Inter-SCF mail (that's mail that needs to travel from between processing facilities).  The PRC press release is here, and the order is here. … Read More

The union throws the Commission a Hail Mary on the change in service standards


Sometime this week, the Postal Regulatory Commission will issue a ruling on the APWU’s Motion for an Emergency Order, which seeks to prevent the Postal Service from implementing a change in service standards for First Class mail on July 1. If the PRC does not issue an order to stop the Postal Service, overnight delivery will come to an end for Inter-SCF … Read More

Final Rule on Changes in Service Standards


An Advance Copy of the Final Rule on the "Revised Service Standards for Market-Dominant Mail Products" has been posted on the Federal Register.  You can see the Final Rule here. There's  a discussion of the Final Rule, written in advance of its publication, here.

Final Rule to Revise USPS Service Standards


[from a USPS Industry Alert] Today the Postal Service sent the final rule to revise service standards for market-dominant mail products to the Federal Register.  The final rule will be posted on our “Information for Mailers” webpage at http://about.usps.com/news/facility-studies/welcome.htm by COB Monday, May 21. Highlights excerpted from the final rule are provided below. Highlights The Postal Service is adopting new rules for market-dominant … Read More

First-Class Mail Gets Slower: The Declining USPS Service Standards


by DON CHENEY When Airmail was abolished in 1977, the Postal Service promised America, "All First-Class mail is going to fly." When Third-Class mail was changed to Single-Piece Standard in 1996 and then abolished as a separate category, USPS said it would "all go First Class." Now First-Class Mail is going to have yet another day added to its service … Read More