Postal Service Likely To Move Cheyenne’s Mail Processing To Denver, Casper’s To Billings

Steve HutkinsBlog, News

Cowboy State Daily: At a public forum in Cheyenne on Tuesday, the postal service said it is likely to move mail processing from Cheyenne to Denver and is considering moving some mail processing in Casper to Billings.

Changes to the Casper service were among new pieces of information that came to light during a public forum Tuesday afternoon at Laramie County Community College to collect public comments on preliminary findings of a facilities review in Cheyenne.

Ricci Roberts, branch president of the Cheyenne mail handling unit, mentioned that detail as she was discussing what she believes the changes will mean in the Cowboy State.

“Let me just make it clear that they are not stopping here,” Roberts said of proposed changes to Cheyenne’s mail service. “They’re taking the entire state.”

To track what’s likely to happen in Cheyenne, Roberts has been following along with what’s been happening in Provo, Utah.

“Their numbers have been kind of following ours,” she said, adding that the wording for changes at Cheyenne are mirrored by “very cut-and-paste verbiage” in the documents that describe the changes in Provo.

In Provo, the loss of “craft” employees is estimated to be eight, Roberts said. But it turned out the actual number of people whose jobs were affected was more like 51.

“When I pulled up Provo’s information, what I found out they did there is they excessed, or got rid of, 51 people,” Roberts told Cowboy State Daily after the meeting. “So, they were able to relocate 43 of them. So the 51 minus 43 is eight, and so that’s where they came up with that number.”

Roberts believes postal officials are using similar math in Cheyenne when they estimate there will be a loss of four “craft” employees.

That estimate, meanwhile, has already changed.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Beau Meyer, who identified himself as a division manager, said there would be a loss of seven “craft” positions.

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