Postal Service explores reduced mail pickups in rural areas

Steve HutkinsNews

Daily Sentinel: The U.S. Postal Service is exploring a cost-saving measure that would involve picking up outgoing mail from some rural post offices once rather than twice a day, which a local postal workers union representative says would mean further delivery delays beyond those that could result from the proposed shift of area mail processing from Grand Junction to Denver.

The measure, part of the Postal Service’s “Delivering for America” strategic planning initiative, could put an end to afternoon trucks being sent to some rural post offices to pick up outgoing mail gathered locally over the course of the day by carriers and at collection boxes and post office windows. Instead, outgoing mail would be picked up only in the morning, when a truck also is bringing mail to a rural community for delivery.

“This means that mail accepted at a postal window in Ridgway, for example, will now sit at the post office overnight before being trucked to Grand Junction for processing the next morning. While the purported aim of saving money on trucking costs is understandable, the reality is that this measure will inevitably result in mail delays of at least one day,” said Shane McDonnell, vice president of the American Postal Workers Union Local #600 and a clerk at the Grand Junction Carrier Annex on Scarlet Drive.

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