More Perfect Union: Where Is Your Mail?

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More Perfect Union: Postmaster DeJoy wants to make the USPS more efficient.

So his solution is to take mail from this rural Wyoming town, send it to be sorted in Denver, and then ship it back to Wyoming again.

It’s not just absurd. It’s also disastrous for postal workers and rural residents. It’s all part of DeJoy’s 10 year plan to revitalize the USPS.

In reality, his plan is designed to kill it from the inside out.

Why? So corporations can privatize—and profit off—our mail.

The latest phase of DeJoy’s plan is consolidating USPS processing centers across the country into 60 mega-centers where mail from different regions will travel and be sorted together.

For rural areas, that means mail will be delayed by at least a day.

It also means mail handlers will lose their jobs and other postal workers will be forced to move

In states where the USPS has already rolled out the consolidation phase, service is way down and mail is delayed by days.

In Virginia, only 73% of mail is delivered on time. In Georgia, only 60% is.


DeJoy claims that consolidation will save the USPS money.

But in Richmond, Virginia, the new system cost $8 million in extra trips and overtime hours.

Why would Postmaster Louis DeJoy, who runs the USPS, want to undermine it?

DeJoy used to run XPO logistics, a trucking company his father founded. Before he became postmaster, XPO had a $36 million contract with the USPS. In 2021, it scored a $120 million contract. Even though DeJoy is no longer on the board at XPO, he and his family made between $1.2 to $1.7 million in income from XPO real estate and stocks in 2019.

He also had investments in 14 other companies with financial ties to the USPS when he first took office, which he later divested from.

We need to save the U.S. Postal Service, and our mail, from Louis DeJoy’s greed.

The X thread above can be found here. The You-Tube video has lots of good comments.

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