Major changes coming for Ashland Post Office

Steve HutkinsNews

The Daily Independent: The Ashland Post Office will essentially move to Huntington in February 2024, possibly causing delays in mail delivery.

Jason Haywood, President of National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) of Ashland, said the switch will affect all 35 routes that cover the city.

“We were officially notified a couple weeks ago of the switch. I don’t agree with it, but there is really nothing we can do about it,” Haywood said. “We are supposed to have a meeting with our regional NALC people soon.

“They are supposed to be meeting with the Huntington people this week.”

Drivers for the Ashland Post Office will now have to drive to Huntington to pick up their truck and mail to deliver to people in Ashland. Haywood said a lot of older carriers at the office don’t want to make the drive.

“Carriers would be required daily to drive to Huntington, prepare their mail and drive back to Ashland to carry their routes and then drive back to Huntington at the end of the day only to then drive back home to Ashland,” he said.

“Some carriers have been looking for work elsewhere,” he added. “… Usually I can be at work in five minutes; now it’s going to be 30-35 minutes and we are not getting really any compensation for it.”

Haywood said there are still a lot of questions unanswered and that he hopes to get more information to tell people coming into the office in Ashland asking about the planned switch.
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