City leaders address mail delivery concerns impacting College Station apartment communities

Steve HutkinsBlog, News

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -KBTX’s ongoing coverage of proposed changes to the Postal Service’s mail delivery in College Station has now garnered the attention of city leaders.

The Postal Service was expected to stop delivering to mailboxes in apartment complexes they now classify as student housing. The postal service did not verify which complexes are affected but sources told KBTX they include The Grove at Southwood, The Trails at Wolf Pen Creek, The Ridge, and the Arbors at Wolf Pen Creek and Tower Park Apartments. While students are residents in many of these complexes, so are seniors, families, and other community members.

Multiple property managers and residents have voiced their concerns surrounding the changes, asserting that they unfairly penalize their community based on their proximity to the Texas A&M University campus. As a result, College Station city leaders are actively seeking answers.

“I’m probably sure that we can’t do anything about it, but I just wondered if we could send a letter to the U.S. government with a frowny face on it or something just to say that’s really unfortunate,” said Cunha.

Cunha says she spoke out because she felt it was her responsibility as a leader to do so.

“The Post Office is not under our stewardship, right, it’s federal and we’re a city, and so we can’t fix this problem for our residents but we can help our residents speak their voices,” said Cunha.

In the letter shared with KBTX earlier this month and addressed to multiple property managers, the U. S. Postal Service cited section 631.52 of the postal operations manual (POM) as the basis for reclassifying specific complexes near the university as student housing, dormitories, and residence halls.

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