City leaders address mail delivery concerns impacting College Station apartment communities

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -KBTX’s ongoing coverage of proposed changes to the Postal Service’s mail delivery in College Station has now garnered the attention of city leaders. The Postal Service was expected to stop delivering to mailboxes in apartment complexes they now classify as student housing. The postal service did not verify which complexes are affected but sources told KBTX they include … Read More

Did yesterday’s election just kill mass conversion to cluster boxes in Canada?


Yesterday’s election in Canada may mean the end for Canada Post’s plans to convert five million addresses from door-to-door delivery to cluster boxes. After a decade in power, the Conservatives were routed in a landslide by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.  The Liberals had previously vowed to end the conversions and to conduct a thorough review of Canada Post.  … Read More

OIG report shows mode of delivery affects “customer engagement”


The USPS OIG has just released a new report on “Modes of Delivery and Customer Engagement with Advertising Mail.”  According to the report, which is based on a survey of 5,000 households, “Advertising mail delivered to a recipient’s door generates higher “read and response” rates than advertising mail delivered to the curbside or a neighborhood cluster box. Door delivery customers … Read More

Canada converts 100,000 customers to cluster boxes, only 4.9 million to go


Canada is getting cluster boxes, and lots of them.  This week Canada Post rolled out it plan to replace home delivery at the door to centralized delivery at a cluster box down the block.  Nearly 100,000 residences, plus over 3,300 businesses, have been converted so far.  Over the next five years, Canada Post hopes to switch a total of 5 million … Read More

Canada gets cluster-boxed: Why it can’t happen here


Canada Post announced this week that over the next five years it would be converting five million urban residences from door delivery to cluster box units (CBUs), also known euphemistically as Community Mailboxes (CMBs).  Along with other cost-cutting initiatives, like consolidating processing plants, closing post offices, and reducing employee benefits, the Canada plan will supposedly save $700 to $900 million … Read More

The Postal Service delivers the last mile, almost: Changing modes of delivery


The Postal Service helps out FedEx and UPS by providing “last mile” delivery of their parcels, and two recent studies argue that the Postal Service should privatize its retail and mail processing networks and instead “concentrate on what it does best” — last mile delivery. But mail delivery ain’t what it used to be.  More and more, the Postal Service … Read More

Coming sooner or later: An advisory opinion on modes of delivery


A couple of days ago, residents of Vermont — and apparently other states across the country as well — received a letter from the Postal Service requesting that they convert from mailboxes at the side of their door to a mailbox along the road.  The letter cites the advantages of curbline delivery — the postman doesn't have to deal with … Read More

Got Mail? Go get it — the Postal Service has other plans


In its never ending search for ways to cut costs and reduce the deficit, the Postal Service may have come up with a real money-saver: stop delivering the mail. One of the biggest expenses incurred by the Postal Service is delivering the mail to your door or your curb.  It would be a lot cheaper if they just put the … Read More