Beacon Post Office Clerks Given Notice To Find New Locations

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Little Beacon Blog: According to a clerk who works at the Beacon Post Office, the clerks (who work behind the front desk at the post office) were given notice about one week ago that they needed to find new jobs within 100 miles. The clerk said that if they did not want to leave Beacon, they could be “pulled” and another job will be chosen for them. As of now, one clerk is leaving at the end of April. The former Postmaster General for Beacon, Colleen Johnson, reportedly recently took another job, and the reportedly temporary Postmaster, Jimmy, is on vacation this week.

When one clerk is working the desk at the Beacon Post Office, and one other clerk is working the back to retrieve packages that are there for pickup, the customer line is very long. Despite the good job the clerks do with each customer.

If at least 200 post offices in the United States and 16 in New York are downsizing to be “spoke” post offices (which means there will be no carriers, but some services will in theory operate out of that building by clerks), as ALBB reported earlier this week, it is unclear how many positions will be available to the Beacon employees looking for new jobs at other post offices. Since the USPS seems to be downsizing nationally.

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