What’s going to happen to the US Post Office in Imperial Beach?

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nbcsandiego.com: The Imperial Beach City Council unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday night opposing any changes — especially any closures — to the city’s only United States Post Office.

Imperial Beach Mayor Paloma Aguirre said the USPS has transferred a number of employees to a postal location in Chula Vista’s Eastlake community. She’s also worried the IB Post Office’s lease has not been renewed.

“And the fact that they haven’t even bothered to give us the time of day other than sending us their ten talking points shows a lot,” shrugged Mayor Aguirre.

The mayor and two dozen community members held a rally outside the Imperial Beach Post Office two weeks ago to try to get answers from the USPS.

“And they told us to ‘take a hike’ basically. When they tell the mayor to take a hike, they’re telling the community to take a hike,” said Aguirre.

The USPS said at the time it had no intention of closing the IB location. A USPS spokesman sent a longer statement to NBC 7 on Wednesday:

“There is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation floating around out there about our Imperial Beach postal operations. The misinformation is causing unfortunate–and completely unnecessary–confusion and anxiety within the Imperial Beach community,” said spokesman Duke Gonzales. “The most important fact is that the Imperial Beach Post Office is not closing. We’re simply relocating the mail carriers who work at the facility to the Chula Vista Post Office. This internal tweak to our operations is similar to logistic changes that we’ve made over the years at countless other postal facilities, which are essentially back-office moves that do not affect service to our customers.”

Mayor Aguirre rolled her eyes.

“They sent me the same talking points,” Aguirre added.

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