POStPlan: Map, Charts, & More


On May 9, the Postal Service released POStPlan, its new plan for small rural post offices.  The plan will impact 13,000 post offices.  Over the coming months, the Postal Service will begin holding community meetings to discuss the options: replace the post office with a "village post office" (a postal counter in a private business), close the post office and switch … Read More

POStPlan Map


This map shows the 12,983 post offices that are on the Postal Service’s list for reduced hours under the POStPlan.  Click on a marker for more details. Red = 2 hours of operation; Yellow = 4 hours; Blue = 6 hours When it released the list, the Postal Service provided only zip codes, not street addresses, so the markers do … Read More

POStPlan by the numbers


The Postal Service's POStPlan initiative announced on May 9, 2012, would reduce hours at 13,000 post offices from eight hours a day to six, four, and in some cases, two.  Here's how the list provided by the Postal Service breaks down.   (An overview of the plan is here.)  The plan would reduce the total number of operating hours per day at … Read More

Ralph Nader Calls New Postal Service Plan a “Bait and Switch” Tactic, Not Good News for Rural Post Offices


[Press release] Consumer advocate Ralph Nader said today, “The Postmaster General’s Post Office Structure Plan (“POSt Plan”) is a bait and switch tactic, and it is not good news for rural Post Offices or their customers.” The Postmaster General claims that his new strategy, released on Wednesday, is designed to benefit rural Americans and keep open the 3,652 postal facilities … Read More

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: The Postal Service has a new plan for the post office


After a year and a half spent threatening to close thousands of rural post offices, the Postal Service has suddenly changed course.  Instead of closing small post offices, the Postal Service has come up with a way to make them irrelevant.   The Postal Service’s new plan — awkwardly named  "Post Office Structure Plan," or POStPlan — will reduce the hours … Read More

Looking back on postal reform: Where were you in 1976?


As the debate over postal reform shifts to the House and the rhetoric heats up a few more degrees, this might be a good time to take a step back and look at a little history.  In many ways, history is repeating itself, and a look back may give us some sense of where things are headed (or not). In … Read More

Revised Estimates for Network Rationalization: Where have all the savings gone?


The Network Rationalization plan to consolidate some 260 mail processing plants may be running into problems.  Not all the plants were approved for consolidation, so this week the Postal Service submitted revised estimates to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). The total cost saving estimate has dropped from about $2.1 billion to $1.6 billion.  That’s about half of what the Postal … Read More

The moratorium clock is ticking: Over 200 post offices set to close


Yesterday, leaders of postal reform in the Senate sent a letter to Postmaster General Donahoe asking him to extend the moratorium on closing post offices and processing plants while Congress works on postal reform legislation.  If the Postal Service says no, about 233 post offices could close almost immediately after the moratorium ends on May 15.  A list of the … Read More