Will sale of postal buildings benefit senator? The fact checking continues


A few weeks ago FactCheck.org examined a blog post that's gone viral accusing Richard Blum, chairman of the board of CBRE, and his wife Senator Dianne Feinstein of profiting off the sale of post offices.  Now the website Fact Checker takes another look.  

As this article points out, selling post offices is not likely to enrich the already quite wealthy Mr. Blum and his wife very much — CBRE just earns a commission of a few percent on each sale, the USPS contract represents a tiny portion of CBRE's revenues, and Mr. Blum takes in a very small percent of CBRE's overall profits.  

But it is still unseemly — and that's putting it mildly — for Mr. Blum and his wife to be profiting in any way off the dismantling of the country's rich legacy of historic post office buildings.  The Senator should be calling upon the Postal Service to be stewards of this legacy, and she should be pushing for legislation that will stop the fire sale.  Read more.