What’s a town without a post office? Tiny Aripeka, FL might be there again soon


Tampa Bay Times: One day last week, as she does every three or four days, Diana Hohimer left her double-wide trailer home at the back of Aripeka’s RV park to make the walk, a little less than a mile, to the post office. She passed the home of a woman, now in her 30s, who went to elementary school with Hohimer’s son. She pointed out the old house where her first husband lived nearly 40 years ago.

“Can’t believe it hasn’t disintegrated,” she said.

Nothing much has changed in the 32 years she’s lived in Aripeka, said Hohimer, 56. The coastal town straddling the Pasco-Hernando county line is home to about 300 people. They still fish for dinner from the bridge, still congregate at the old store, still — for now — walk to the post office for their mail.

But word is spreading that this tiny town’s tiny post office may close next month, with the building’s owner fed up with the U.S. Postal Service and unlikely to renew its lease. The Postal Service said last week it has no plans to close.

A closure could force residents, many of whom don’t get home delivery, to drive miles out of their way to get mail. And in a small town with few gathering places, shuttering the post office could feel like a big change.  Read more.