What you can do


The plans to close small rural post offices are being done in the name of cutting budgets for fiscal responsibility, but this doesn't really make sound financial sense, and it would be a huge blow to Rhineclifff.   We hope you'll join us in opposing these plans.  The community can make a difference.  Here's what you can do:

First, please add your name to the online petition and write a short comment about what the Rhinecliff post office means to you.  The petition is  here.  We'll publish the comments on the website and send everything to your congress people and the Postal Service.

Next, send an email message to your representatives in Congress asking them to vote against Senate Bill S3831, and send a message to the Postal Regulatory Commission opposing the change in regulations.  You can do emails here.

If you want to write a letter and put a stamp on it, you can find the addresses for your representatives, along with some boilerplate, here.

 If you have any suggestions for this site or the campaign to save the post office, click on the contact link.  You can email your friends telling them about this campaign, here.