Wait a minute, Mr. Postman, please save our Post Office


The Post Office in Ramsay, Michigan, is on the closing list, and some local musicians are singing to save the post office.  Their Youtube posting adds a few details:

"What makes us different is that we DO NOT HAVE HOME DELIVERY!  That's right, our Post Office is not a luxury, but a necessity!  The talk is if they close us, we will have to either go over two cities away to get our mail everyday, OR they will install 'Cluster Boxes' in several places in our city. This means they will have to deliver mail to those cluster boxes as well as the installation cost, which I can almost guarantee will cost more than having the Post Boxes in the Post Office that we already have. Yes, our town is small, but we are going to be significantly burdened, especially the elderly, with a closing of our Post Office. As Congress is reviewing the "death list" of hundreds of Post Offices across America, we are just asking them, to take us off the list. I'm thinking it will cost less to leave us alone than it would to shut us down! Bill, who is seen in this video, has lived here ALL his life. Bill is 93 years old. Bill speaks for ALL of us when he says, "Please keep our Ramsay, MI Post Office open!" Thank you, and feel free to share with anyone who may have some decision making power in this critical situation. If you'd like to help, please contact Senator Levin's office at: [email protected]. Thank You!!"

Song re-written and sung by Denise Haas aka Big D:) bigdblues.com