Viburnum post office closes, nearest PO is 25 miles


The post office in Viburnum, Missouri, closed over the weekend.  A notice on the post office door offers no details about why.  The office is a contract postal unit, so the Postal Service doesn’t have to say much about what happened, and it doesn’t have to go through a public discontinuance procedure.

But according to the editor of the local newspaper, the Postal Service wanted to change the terms of the contract and reduce the payment by 90 percent.  The owner wouldn’t accept the new deal, so the Postal Service said it would just close the contract unit.

The notice on the door of the post offices says that PO Box holders need to go to Steelville to get their mail.  That’s over 25 miles away, and there are 300 box holders.  The people in Viburnum are having trouble getting any information about restoring service.  The Postal Service may want to put up cluster boxes instead.  An audio report is here.