USPS seeking feedback on potential post office relocation in Live Oak, Florida


Suwannee Democrat: Seeking a new home for the Live Oak Post Office, the United States Postal Service presented the process that goes into a relocation in front of a packed Live Oak City Hall on Dec. 11.

Approximately 50 residents were attendance for the presentation from Sandra Rybicki to the council on the next steps the USPS would take before deciding whether to move and then finding the new site.

Although those residents weren’t permitted to ask questions during the city council’s meeting — according to City Clerk John Gill and council President Bennie Thomas, the presentation was not a public hearing despite the USPS calling it one — they were able to talk with USPS officials in the city hall conference room.

Rybicki said the Q&A with the residents was good, with most of the feedback positive on a potential move. She added a number of postal employees were in attendance hoping to gain more information as well.

During the presentation, Thomas asked Rybicki what was different about this potential move than a previous announced relocation that fell through due to lack of funding.

“This is to lease an existing facility, build it out, postalize it and lease it,” Rybicki said, adding the previous project was to construct a building the USPS would then own.

“Provided that we can find a facility that would meet our requirements.”  Read more.