USPS closing Pocahontas VA Post Office citing safety concerns

SteveBlog The Pocahontas, Virginia, Post Office will close its doors on Monday, and it is up in the air as to when, or if, it will reopen at its current location.  Jerry Gravely, vice mayor of Pocahontas, said the post office was notified Wednesday of the closure, effective at the close of business April 25.  “They did an inspection (of the building) in March and found several things that were wrong and gave us 30 days to fix it,” he said.  However, that 30-day notice was sent on April 14, so the 30 days should not be up until mid-May.  Gravely said he does not know why the date was moved up, but the postmaster received an e-mail from the USPS announcing the “emergency suspension of services.” The problems with the building, which the town owns and is more than 100 years old, include asbestos in the floors and poor air quality, he said, two major issues that cannot be adequately addressed in 30 days.  Read more.  (Photo credit: Steve Tatum)  Update here.