USPS announces new stamp series on Depression-era post office murals

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Back in July 2016, “Save the Post Office” suggested that the Postal Service should put out a stamp series celebrating post office murals.  As we noted then, “the Postal Service possesses over a thousand murals produced by FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression.  The paintings celebrate American workers, local histories, and significant national events.  The murals themselves should be celebrated with a new USPS stamp series.”

This week the Postal Service announced several new stamp series that will come out in 2019, and among them is a series featuring five of these New Deal murals.  As the USPS press release says, the murals were “designed to add a touch of beauty to Post Office walls and help boost the morale of Americans during the era of the Great Depression.”

The murals included are: “Kiowas Moving Camp” (1936) Anadarko, Oklahoma; “Mountains and Yucca” (1937) Deming, New Mexico; “Antelope” (1939) Florence, Colorado; “Sugarloaf Mountain” (1940) Rockville, Maryland; and “Air Mail” (1941) Piggott, Arkansas. Art director Antonio Alcalá designed the stamps.

See the other stamp series for 2019 here.