Top 13 must-see US post offices

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Fox News: While post offices have come to mean long lines and frustrating service due to severe USPS budget cuts, visiting the country’s more unusual post offices can be a fun and well worth the trip.

“I’ve found postmark collecting, as well as photographing post offices, to be a great way of documenting my travels across the U.S. A postmarked item tells you exactly where you’ve been and when you were there,”  Evan Kalish, a former graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and editor of Going Postal, told

Kalish has made it his mission to visit as many post offices as possible. So far he’s seen about 4,000, and documents his travels on his blog.

We asked him to tell us which post offices are the quaintest, coolest, largest, and weirdest post offices across the U.S. You may want to take a look on your next road trip, before they’re closed for good.  Read more.