This Old Post Office: OIG says post offices are in need of upkeep and repair


USPS OIG: It makes no difference what part of the country you’re in, post offices nationwide are in need of upkeep and repair. A majority of post office lobbies we reviewed in the Eastern Area have many of the same problems found in other areas. We are nearly done with our series of audits on postal retail facility conditions in … Read More

How inviting is your post office? The OIG wants to know


USPS OIG: Have you ever arrived at a Post Office and wondered why they haven’t repaired that cracked sidewalk, or entered the facility and noticed something else in disrepair?  Well you’re not alone.  Recently, Postal Service management temporarily closed an Indiana Post Office to address some safety concerns, including a broken heating and air conditioning system.  In response to conditions … Read More

When public buildings were revered


The Boston Globe has a great op-ed piece about the legacy of the New Deal and the loss of the Union Square post office: “Today, the Union Square post office and Moffett’s patriotic mural have been sold, as the US Postal Service embarks on a liquidation program to reduce its $20 billion deficit. The building was purchased for $2.75 million … Read More