Stop girdling the Post Office

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Girdling is the practice of cutting the bark off around a tree so that it will eventually die, slowly. For at least the last fifty years, the right wing has been girdling the post office in order to reap a financial harvest.

Measure to Measure: Data, management, and the reliability of the mail


MARK JAMISON Reliable.  It seems like a simple and straightforward word.  It conveys, if not a very specific meaning, at least a pretty concrete sense of satisfying expectations.  In some contexts, like certain forms of statistics and technical applications, reliable and reliability refer to the overall consistency of a measurement or the accuracy of the data being measured. But when … Read More

Epic Fail for the Postal Service: The wrong model and the wrong BOG


BY MARK JAMISON In 2001 Postmaster General Bill Henderson submitted the first blueprints for a transformation of the Postal Service into a sleeker, more efficient business entity.  To justify the transformation, the rhetoric has repeated one mantra: the problem with the Postal Service is its outmoded and defective business model.   A great deal of our speech with public policy … Read More

Who owns the Postal Service?


BY MARK JAMISON Who owns the post office?  Who is the post office designed to serve?  What is the system’s ultimate function? These questions are fundamental to the future and the fate of the post office, the postal network, and postal services in this country. How we answer them will have a significant impact on businesses, workers, and communities. We … Read More

Why Congress should not get out of the way of the Postal Service


BY MARK JAMISON News that Ron Johnson, the Tea Party favorite from Wisconsin, will be taking over as chair of the Senate committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs has caused an overwhelming sense of panic among progressives and postal workers.  Johnson will control oversight of the Postal Service in the Senate. There may be good reason to think this … Read More

Jamison dishes on US Postal Management’s Dysfunctional and Failing Culture


Retired postmaster Mark Jamison, a regular contributor to Save the Post Office, has a great piece in Angry Bear this week.  “Over the years,” writes Jamison, “Congress has held hearings about the toxic postal work environment but they never amount to very much. In all the discussion over the last five years over about the Postal Service’s business model, it’s … Read More