Court stops sale of Stamford post office—again


The Stamford Advocate has an article about the temporary injunction granted by the District Court to stop the sale of the historic Atlantic Street Station post office.  "This week, U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Atherton granted a temporary injunction barring the sale of the post office to the Cappelli Organization, again. A federal judge granted a temporary restraining order last month, which expired. … Read More

Sale of Stamford post office on hold: U.S. District Court grants temporary injunction


Yesterday there were several important developments in the fight over the historic Atlantic Street Station post office in Stamford, Connecticut, which closed on September 20 with only two-days’ notice to customers, just as the building was about to be sold to a Westchester developer. The U.S. District Court issued a preliminary injunction to stop the sale of the historic building … Read More

Sale of historic Stamford Post Office challenged in federal court


The historic post office in Stamford, Connecticut, closed on Friday, September 20, with just two days’ notice to customers.  The Postal Service has made arrangements to sell the post office to a Westchester developer who plans to tear down a section of the building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The sale, however, is now being challenged … Read More

The Post Office Gets Its Day in Court


The post office as a national institution will soon have its day in court, and the verdict could be a matter of life or death.  Yesterday, the Postal Service announced that it will request an Advisory Opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission about its plan to study 3,600 post offices for closure.  On July 26, the Postal Service will release … Read More