Santa Monica considers preservation covenant on historic (former) post office


The historic Santa Monica post office was shut down on June 29, and now the Postal Service is preparing to sell the building.  City officials are looking for ways to protect the building by creating a “preservation covenant” that would, according to City staff, “prohibit the purchaser of the property, as well as all future owners of the property, from undertaking any construction, alteration or rehabilitation on the property that would affect the historic features of the property without first seeking review and approval from the certified local government.”  

Without the proposed covenant attached to the building, the Postal Service could sell it to a private party who, in turn, could tear down the former Post Office and potentially develop another structure on site.

However, if the council approves the proposed covenant, City staff states “the Postal Service may proceed with the sale of the property with the covenant attached to the grant deed transferring the property to private ownership.  Read more.