Reuters gets it right: “Special Report: Towns go dark with post office closings”


There’s an excellent article on post office closings in Reuters today, by Cezary Podkul and Emily Stephenson.  One of its main themes is that while the Postal Service is claiming that the Internet is driving people away from traditional mail, many of the post offices slated for closure are in rural areas where there’s limited or no wired broadband Internet available. 

The article also questions whether the harsh impact on citizens is worth the small amount the Postal Service will save by the closings — about four-tenths of one percent of the Postal Service's annual expenses of $70 billion.

"That's a drop in the bucket," said William Henderson, who served as Postmaster General from 1998 to 2001.  "That's not even a drop in the bucket. The bucket won't ripple."

Accompanying the article is a terrific interactive map that allows users to click on a post office location and get all sorts of useful information, like population, broadband availability, and even whether UPS and FedEx have a surcharge for delivering to the area. 

Check out this article.  It’s one of the best that’s appeared in the mainstream media about post office closings, and the map is a very valuable tool.  Here's a video about the report.  (if it's not showing up, please refresh your browser.)