Residents heartbomb post office in Napa, CA


The post office in downtown Napa has been boarded up and fenced off since the earthquake nearly six months ago. While there has been no official word as to what will become of the building, a group of nearly 40 Napa residents stood outside the damaged building to show their love and support with “heart bombs.” “The heart bomb campaign is something that the National Trust for Historic Preservation is doing all across the county. It’s a way for the public to show their love for buildings they want to see restored and protected.” said Stacey DeShazo, director of Napa County Landmarks , a nonprofit that seeks to preserve Napa history and buildings of interest. “The post office is a building that we’ve wanted to preserve for a long time. And after what happened to it in the earthquake, the need to protect this building has never been more important.”  Read more.