Reno’s old post office building reborn as a retail center


KOLO: Reno’s  old post office building has occupied a piece of prime real estate at the city’s very core on the shores of the Truckee for most of a century.

It was designed as was many of Nevada’s most important buildings by noted Reno architect Frederic deLongchamps and stands as a prime example of the Art Deco style.

When it was built in 1933, and for decades after, it shared the the downtown with all sorts of retail outlets, but one by one they left for shopping centers in the suburbs.,

It stayed, a relic of the past, then finally closed.

Now it’s open again, ironically because retail is returning to the downtown.

“There’s a lot more urban dwelling,” says project manager Brianna Bullentini. “People want that walk-ability, walk to the coffee shop, walk to the stores to shop. So I think the younger generation is causing that and to accommodate them more retail will be coming downtown.”  Read more.