Pulaski Town Council to vote on resolution to re-open post office


Pulaski Town Council is getting ready to vote on a resolution asking the federal government to re-open its post office. The building was closed with only a day’s notice following an OSHA investigation into mold.

Town Manager Shawn Utt says it’s now been closed for more than a week, and he has very few answers as to why the building even closed in the first place. He says, this resolution is asking for those answers, and explaining how the loss is hurting the town.

“You can tell just the downtown area, the foot traffic is not there,” said Utt.

Utt says being able to walk to the post office is a community staple in Pulaski.

“I would estimate 30, 35 percent of the patrons walk there, so within a four or five block radius, six block radius, to be able to get to Dublin is a huge impediment to those citizens,” said Utt.  Read more.