Prelude to a Closure


The North County Times reports that the Postal Service plans to shift 11 postal carriers’ home base from the Winchester, California, post office to a postal delivery center, and the news has prompted concern from some members of the community that this is the prelude to closing the post office completely.  Residents say a closure “would take away a key focal point for a rustic, rural community being pressed on all sides by suburban sprawl.”

It would also wipe out a prominent piece of Winchester’s past.  “It’s part of this valley’s history,” said Andy Domenigoni. “My great-grandfather started it.”  The Winchestor post office was established in 1880 as a stagecoach center and  a mail transport center.  A few years later it  moved to the the town’s general store, where it resided for over 80 years.  It’s been at the current location since 1985.