PRC’s Goldway says plant consolidations threaten integrity of Universal Service


Postal Regulatory Commissioner Ruth Goldway has written an op-ed for the Hill Congress blog criticizing the Postal Service’s decision to move forward with more plant consolidations and changing service standards.

“This latest round of operational cuts,” writes Goldway, “threatens the very integrity and concept of Universal Service — the Postal Service’s primary obligation under the law.”

Goldway goes on to say this: “These measures will result in a two-tier patchwork network in which service to smaller cities and rural areas will be degraded much more than major urban areas.  This despite the fact that the law requires that postal customers in all areas be provided prompt, reliable and efficient services.”

Goldway also urges the Postal Service “to offer well-supported projections of the impacts on operational efficiency and solid estimates of financial savings before hastily embarking on this new round of cuts and closures.”  Read more.