PRC Public Rep lays into Postal Service on Stamford closing


The Public Representative of the Postal Regulatory Commission has filed comments responding to the Postal Service's Motion to Dismiss the appeal on the closing of the post office in Stamford, Conn.  The comments are worth reading.  

The Postal Service initially said it closed the post office because the sale of the buildig was proceeding, but then it changed the explanation and said the post office had to be closed for an emergency suspension because of unsafe, deteriorating conditions in the building.  

The PR says she is "disturbed" by the explanation and finds it "disingenuous."  She also criticizes the Postal Service for failing to give customers an opportunity to offer input on the suspension and suggests there was no real emergency justifying a closure on two-days' notice.  The PR argues that the suspension was actually a de facto discontinuance so the Commission should hear the appeal.  There's more on the background on the Stamford closing here, and the PR's comments are here