Postal Service to hold public meeting on possible relocation of retail services in Cincinnati, Iowa


The U.S. Postal Service will be holding a public meeting about possible relocation of the retail services of the post office this week in Cincinnati, Iowa.

The meeting will be held at the Cincinnati Community Center at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 25.

Cincinnati’s post office was shut down several months ago due to structural and safety issues with the building according to the Postal Service. Since then, customers have had to travel to Centerville for retail services, such as buying stamps and sending packages.

A mail drop box and a cluster of post office boxes were set up outside Cincinnati City Hall for customers to send letters and receive their mail if they were P.O. Box customers.

According to information from the Postal Service, Thursday’s meeting will discuss efforts to find a new location for the retail services of the Cincinnati Post Office. The new location will be as close as reasonably possible to the previous location.

According to a letter sent to Cincinnati Mayor Rebecca Hall, the meeting will be used to let the public know the reason for the proposed relocation, outline the proposal for relocation, identify where the Postal Service anticipates relocating services if a location or locations have been identified as possible locations, and to invite questions from the public.

For 30 days after the meeting, members of the public can submit written comments to the Postal Service to consider before a final decision is made.  Read more.