Post Office Relocation Will Be On Agenda For Next Board Meeting in St. Mary, MO


Ste. Genevieve Herald: Representatives of the U.S. Postal Service requested a place on the agenda for the city of St, Mary Board of Aldermen meeting on Thursday, August 10, to discuss plans for relocating the post office in St, Mary, Missouri.

The Postal Service sent notification to city officials as well as public notices.  The meeting is set for 6 p.m.

The notice states the Postal Service “has been granted to acquire a new ground lease space consisting of 8,500 square feet for a new local retail modular building.”

It is seeking land to lease for 10 years — an initial five-year lease with a second five-year renewal term.

The St. Mary Post Office had been located in a portion of the Lawbaugh Building, 676 Second St., from April 2006 until the New Year’s Flood event of December 2015/January 2016.  The Postal Service placed temporary mailboxes in front of the former post office after last year’s flood.  Read more.