Opponents of historic post office’s closure in Glendale speak out


The Postal Service is moving forward on its plan to sell the 1936 post office in Glendale, California.  As with so many other New Deal post offices in California — Venice, Santa Monica, La Jolla, Ukiah, and Berkeley — the Postal Service says the building is too large and it would prefer to lease a small space.  As usual, the Postal Service is rushing the process, so opponents don't have time to fight back.

Opponents of the building’s sale said two months isn’t nearly enough time to weigh alternatives, including leasing out unused space or consolidating one or more of Glendale’s four other post offices into its Broadway operations.

“This shouldn’t be a fire sale,” said Vartan Gharpetian, a real estate agent recently appointed to the city’s Historic Preservation Committee.  Read more.