New Deal post office in Somerville: For Sale


The Union Square post office on Washington Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, was built in 1935, under the New Deal. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. As the Somerville Patch reports, the USPS is planning to move most of the Union Square operations to another location, sell the historic building, and lease back some space in the Union Square area for a small retail post office.   The town of Someville is itself considering purchase of the building, and perhaps turning the building into a performing arts center.  The lobby contains an original  mural that is part of the Post Office’s “New Deal Art Collection”  entitled “A Skirmish between Bristish and Colonists” painted in 1939 by Ross. E. Moffett.

(Photos: Exterior: Someville Patch; mural: jimmywayne of flickr, used with permission of the USPS.)