New Deal murals returning to Old Post Office in Kilgore, TX

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Longview News Journal: For decades, the New Deal murals of artist Xavier Gonzalez held places of honor on the walls of the 1939 post office in Kilgore, Texas.

For the past 20 years, the artwork has been in the care of East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College.  As of Monday, they will be back home.

The four works of art — two sprawling paintings and two smaller, companion pieces — will soon be back on display on the walls of what is now the Kilgore History & Arts Center. The volunteers of Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation have been working to renovate the Old Post Office, making it a suitable venue once again for the murals, each almost 80 years old.  Read more.

(Image: “Pioneer Saga” painted in 1941 by Xavier Gonzalez (1898 – 1993) for the 1939 Kilgore Post Office.  Relocated (to East Texas Oil Museum) in 1999.  More images at